Product classification: paper substrate and film substrate, paper substrate with offset paper, coated paper, glass cardboard, laser, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, gold-plated paper, aluminum foil fragile (anti-counterfeit) paper, plating Silver paper, textured paper, nylon paper, pearl paper, sandwich coated paper, variable information paper; film substrates are PVC, PET, PP, PC, PS, PE, SMP (shape memory anti-counterfeiting material).

How to use: Simply peel off the base paper and attach it to the surface of other substrates with a single press. Or use the labeling machine to automatically label the production line.

Scope of use: use with glass bottles, plastic bottles, oil, food, medicines, beverages, electrical appliances, stationery, etc.

Self-adhesive is also called self-adhesive label. It is a finished label that uses paper, film, or other special materials as the main substrate, the back is coated with adhesive, and is processed by printing, die-cutting, etc