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What is the purpose of the flat bottom  aluminum pouch? Aluminum pouch is a kind of packaging bag with good moisture-proof effect. No matter what shape it is produced, the moisture-proof performance is unmatched by other packaging bags. After being made into a flat-bottom bag, its three-dimensional sense is stronger and more beautiful. What materials are generally used for flat bottom aluminum  pouch? The main material is aluminum foil, which is placed in the middle layer, and the inner and outer layers are generally made of plastic materials. The outer layer of the flat-bottom aluminum pouch uses PET or PA, and the most used inner layer is food-grade PE, because PE has good heat sealability, and is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, which is the safest internationally recognized one of the materials that directly contact food. Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aluminum pouch manufacturer. We mainly produce aluminum foil bags, flat bottom bags, zipper bags, cooking bags, nozzle bags,spout pouches, standing bags and other plastic packaging bags and paper bags. So you definitely want to know what our advantages are? 1. We can give you more perfect bags, more realistic printing patterns, and more advanced bag making technology. 2. Our delivery speed is fast. 3. If you are willing to give us a chance, maybe we can save you more money and time and give you a more cost-effective product. Bleow are our samples for your reference.   Through the above four pictures, you can understand our product quality and printing effect. The last picture is our zipper display, so that you can better understand the quality of our products.   What products can be packed in aluminum pouch? Aluminum pouch can pack biscuits,chocolate,tea,nuts ,snacks,jujubes,powder,dog food ,cat food ,etc. In order for you to know more clearly what products can be packed with aluminum pouch, please refer to the picture below Aluminum pouch can pack almost all products, and their sizes can also be customized according to requirements. If you need aluminum foil bags, please contact us directly, our team will quickly reply to any questions you have.