2019 Good Quality Aluminum Packaging Bags - print stand up aluminum bag – Baolai

Name:stand up aluminum bag with zipper Material:aluminum ,nylon , polyethylene ,polypropylene, retort CPP,and other materials. Use:used for the packaging of food,meat,fish,pet food and other products. Performance: Has good barrier properties, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light protection, non-toxic, soft, etc.    Product size and capacity table, this capacity is for reference only
Size(cm) Thickness Tea Rice Dates Candies Ormosia
9*13+3 200mircom 15g 80g 30g 43g 70g
11*16+3 200mircon 35g 200g 40g 105g 105g
13*18+4 220mircon 60g 340g 120g 185g 255g
14*19+4 220mircon 85g 400g 175g 250g 335g
15*22+4 220mircon 120g 580g 250g 275g 525
17*24+4 240mircon 150g 900g 375g 275g 680g
18*26+4 240mircon 200g 1050g 440g 410g 835g
18*31+5 240mircon 300g 1200g 550g 520g 890g
21*31+5 240mircon 400g 1670g 600g 560g 950g
23*35+5 240mircon 600g 2400g 680g 600g 1250g
26*35+5 240mircon 800g 3010g 750g 850g 1500g
30*42+6 240mircon 1200g 5400g 1650g 1200g 2000g
  What makes a qualified aluminum bag? 1, A qualified aluminum foil bag must be made of food-grade materials. 2, Even edge banding, easy to tear, good standing effect. 3,Good sealing, good light shielding, reasonable combination of various materials, no delamination. 4, Complete bag type, pictures and text can be customized.