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USE: Aliminum foil bag has good sealing and light protection,and is suitable for packaging food and industrial products,chemical products,durgs,food bag,pet food bag,dog food bag,cat food bag,litter bag,etc.. The aluminum foil bag is a multi-layer composite bag. The foil bags produced by our factory currently have three-layer composite and four-layer bags. The difference in the plastic film used determines their use. USE:  Can be used to package all vacuum bags, including meat, candy, nuts, snacks, juices, chemical products, chemical products, industrial products, dog food, cat food, etc., aluminum foil bags have certain Anti-corrosion function, has certain tolerance to acid and alkali Specification
Name Aluminum foil bag
Raw Materials 3.layers:PET/AL/PE,PET/AL/CPP, 4.layers:PET/AL/PA/PE,PET/Al/PA/CPP
Certificate FDA,  ISO9001, SGS,  LFGB
Color Customized
Platemaking 0—10 pieces
Size(Length*Width) Customized
Thickness 60miron—200miron
Samples  Available
OEM Available
MOQ 10000pieces
Payment Terms T/T  30%deposit in advance,balance paid before shipment
Port Qingdao
Delivery Time After received the prepayment,usually the goods will be shipped in 25 days,based on the order quantity and item.
Packaging We use a five-layer corrugated box for packaging, a plastic film bag in the carton, a strap around the carton, and finally wrap the carton with a wrapping film.
After-service Email:mary@baolaifactory.com, Whatsapp:+86-13949099407
FAQ: Q1:How to get a quote quickly? Ans: You need to provide us with what products you need to install, how much weight to load, and what special requirements, such as sterilization or vacuuming, or refrigeration, etc. If you have size and bag type, it will be better. Q2:We need to print the color, how is the pattern determined? Ans: If the packaging to be printed requires printing, you can fix the text and send it to us by CorelDRAWGraphicsSuite (CDR), Photoshop (PS), Adobe illustrator (Ai) and other source files. We will confirm with you. The pattern and text to be printed. Q3: How long is your production schedule? Ans: Our production schedule is mainly determined according to your order quantity. The construction period is about 20 days to 25 days. Q4: How long will it take me to receive the goods? Ans: Our shipping method is flexible and can be transported by air or by sea. The air transportation price is more expensive, but the time is short. The goods can be received in about 7 days. The shipping price is cheap, but the time is long. The goods can be received in about 40 days. Q5: My packaging size is relatively large. Can your equipment be produced? Ans: Our equipment can be up to 2000mm wide and 50mm minimum, so almost all bags can be produced. Q6: Can you buy the bags, sealers and automatic packaging machines from you, can you sell them to us? Ans: We mainly produce packaging bags. We don't sell machinery and equipment, but we can recommend the machine suppliers we are cooperating with, let you establish contact, they are very familiar with our products, so we can do product supply chain. Connect. Q7: Which countries have purchased your products? Ans: Our company's strategy is globalization. No matter which country, it can be shipped directly. Now Europe, America, Africa, Asia and so on have our customers.