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Use: for meat ,rice ,fish,nuts,snack,durg,and so on. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic packaging bags. Our main products are vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, nozzle bags, stand-up bags,flat bottom bags. etc. Our vacuum bags are made of nylon and polyethylene, and we have other materials Vacuum bags, all of our vacuum bags are made from food grade raw materials. The vacuum bag is mainly used for packaging food. It can be refrigerated after vacuuming, and the oxygen permeability is almost zero, which can make the food more fresh. The types of vacuum bags we produce mainly include nylon vacuum bags, aluminum foil vacuum bags, aluminum-plated vacuum bags and PET vacuum bags. The performance of vacuum bags produced by different materials is different, and the preservation effect is also different. Usually, nylon vacuum bags are used for packaging. Meat products, aluminum foil vacuum bags, cooked food, aluminum-plated vacuum bags for nuts and snacks, PET vacuum bags are generally used to package chemical products. We use the most nylon vacuum bags and aluminum foil vacuum bags. Specification
Name Vacuum bag
Certificate FDA,  ISO9001,   SGS,   LFGB
Color 0—10Colors  acceptable
Platemaking 0—10 pieces
Size(Length*Width) Customized
Thickness 60miron—200miron
Samples  Available
OEM Available
MOQ 10000pieces
Payment Terms T/T  30%deposit in advance,balance paid before shipment
Port Qingdao
Delivery Time After received the prepayment,usually the goods will be shipped in 25 days,based on the order quantity and item.
Packaging We use a five-layer corrugated box for packaging, a plastic film bag in the carton, a strap around the carton, and finally wrap the carton with a wrapping film.
After-service, Whatsapp:+86-13949099407
Here are some sizes for the vacuum bag:





4’’*12’’ 80micron 4’’*6’’ 80mircon
6’’*8’’ 100micron 5’’*8’’ 90mircon
7.5’’*9’’ 75mircon 10’’*15’’ 90mircon
8’’*12’’ 80mircon,90mircon 12’’*20’’ 120mircon
8.5’’*12.5’’ 80mircon 20’’*24’’ 150mircon
9.5’’*14’’ 100mircon (3’’+4’’)*12’’ 110mircon
10’’*16’’ 110mircon (7+4’’)*16’’ 110mircon
FAQ: Q1:How to use vacuum bags? Ans:first,put some products into the bag.second,use a vacuum sealer suck the air out of the bag. Q2:What products are the vacuum bags can pack? Ans:rice,beans,coffee beans,sauce,hot dog,meat,beef,chicken fruit, vegetables and all products that need vacuum. Q3: What is the function of the vacuum bag? Ans:Keep the product fresh and protect the moisture of the packaged product from loss, the taste will not change. Q4: How to save the packaged product? Ans:If you packrice, beans,coffee beans, You can save at room temperature.but if pack meat, need to save at temperatures below zero. Q5: What is your minimum order quantity? Ans: Because the packaging materials and sizes of each product are different, the quantity is not the same. We will give you a clear quantity when ordering. Take the size of 20cm*30cm as an example, the order quantity is 30,000 pieces. Q6: Can the products you produce be directly loaded with food? Ans: All the bags we produce are all food-grade raw materials. They are FDA-approved and meet the EU food packaging standards, so they can be directly used to package food. Q7: I want a lot. Can your production capacity be produced? Ans: Our current production capacity is 800,000 finished bags per day, and 30 tons of various packaging films. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the production capacity. And we are constantly updating and buying new equipment, and the production capacity will be bigger and bigger.