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Use: Mainly used for food packaging, tea,coffee, coffee beans, nuts, snacks, cat food, dog food, etc. Advantages: Has a very good quality, a variety of products, can be customized, bag shape is good, has a good moisture-proof effect. Gusset Bags are a kind of plastic composite bags, some of which are heat sealed on the side, some are heat sealed on the back, the bottom can be all sealed together, and four corners can be left. The top opening allows the product to be filled,  the size and thickness can be customized to suit your needs. Baolai China is a professional plastic packaging bag manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1995, it has been producing all kinds of plastic packaging bags. Our strength is abundant and it is a famous enterprise in Henan Province. The color and pattern of the organ bag can be customized. We support 10 colors for spot color printing, gravure printing technology, and high-speed printing machines can print more than 300 meters per minute. Matte, bright and transparent material. It is one of the most popular bag types for packaging coffee. product information
Name: Gusset bags
Raw Materials 2 layers:PET/PE,Paper/PE, 3layers:PET/VMPE/PE,PET/AL/PE,PET/paper/PE, 4 layers:PET/paper/VMPE/PE,PET/paper/Al/PE
Certificate FDA,  ISO9001 ,  SGS,  LFGB
Color Customized
Platemaking 0—10 pieces
Size(Length*Width) Customized
Thickness 60miron—200miron
Samples  Available
OEM Available
MOQ 10000pieces
Payment Terms T/T  30%deposit in advance,balance paid before shipment
Port Qingdao
Delivery Time After received the prepayment,usually the goods will be shipped in 25 days,based on the order quantity and item.
Packaging We use a five-layer corrugated box for packaging, a plastic film bag in the carton, a strap around the carton, and finally wrap the carton with a wrapping film.
After-service Email:mary@baolaifactory.com, Whatsapp:+86-13949099407
Size(grams) Size(ounce)(oz) Width(mm) Width(inch) Length(mm) Length(inch) Side Gusset(mm) Side Gusset(inch)
250 8 80 3.15 260 10.236 50 1.96
500 16 85 3.25 360 14.17 60 2.36
1000 32 135 5.31 390 15.35 90 3.54
2000 64 170 6.7 495 19.5 110 4.33
3000 128 210 8.26 510 20 114 4.5
Products with different attributes need to use different sizes. Please do not refer to the sub-size when ordering. The specific size needs actual measurement. The packaging bag is a customized product. In order to avoid loss, please measure the size accurately before making the order. FAQ: Q:What is the minimum order ? Ans:our mininum order is about 10000 pieces. We are direct factories. Only accept custom orders, no stock, support OEM processing. Q: Can I get a free sample? Ans:Yes you can .we provide free samples for all our customers . you only need to pay the express fee. We will provide the most suitable samples according to your needs, and if we can cooperate, we will deduct the courier fee from your payment. Q: Can I package food, medicine, or organic products in this package? Ans:Yes, we can package food, medicine or any organic products, chemical products, pet foods in this package. All of our packaging materials are approved and certified by the US FDA and EU standards. Our products are exported to more than 70 countries on 5 continents. Q: Where we sell our product? Ans:We sell our bags all over the world ,such as:
  • 1.North America, central and south America.
  • 2.All the countries of Europe,such as Poland,Sweden
  • 3.Middle east, Africa such as Nigeria
  • 4.Asia and south east asia such as Japan.
  • 5.Russia, Australia and new Zealand.Germany

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