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Use: Can package meat ,frozen food ,snack, nuts, cookies, rice, beans, pet food and so on. Materials: AL,  VMPE,  VMPET,  BOPP,  BOPE,  CPP, PA, EVA,   EAA,  PAPER  BPAT(biodegradable material) Jerky bags produced by the Baolai factory include vacuum bags, sterilization bags, boiled bags, and other varieties. Can pack raw meat, cooked meat, beef (packaged meat products need to use special materials, to inform us in advance of your packaged products  , we will give you appropriate advice, meat bags need to have a good vacuum effect, stop the air Into, when packaging raw meat, it needs to be refrigerated. When packaging cooked meat, it needs to be sterilized. After sterilization, it can be stored at room temperature. Packaged nuts or snacks can be used directly without special processing. Small bags of different types of oyster products help reduce oxygen ingress and maintain hygiene and health in the package; the product also prevents fungi and prevents the evaporation of unstable components. Do not allow atmospheric oxygen to penetrate the package to prevent the growth of aerobic bacteria.

What products it can package?


Q: Are our bags sold all over the world? Ans: We sell our bags all over the world,such as: North America, south America,  Asia,  Erope America, Poland, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, Germany Q: How many materials are there for the jerky bags? Ans: PA/PE, can be vacuumed (for rice,beans..)(for meat need to frozen) PA/CPP(for meat need to sterilize or frozen.can be vacuumed) PET/PE (can be vacuumed too but high oxygen permeability) PET/VMPE/PE(for cookies, snacks,nuts,seasoning and so on,can be vacuumed too) PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/PA/CPP(for meat can be cooked 125℃--135℃) Q: What is our minimum order quantity?  Ans: We are a direct manufacturer, our production equipment only takes 20 minutes to produce 6000 meters at a time, so our order quantity is about 10,000 pieces.

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