5ways to prevent the vacuum bag from leaking

Vacuum packaging bags use vacuum to remove oxygen to extend the shelf life of food and maintain its original flavor for a long time. But why does food vacuum packaging bags have flatulence? How to prevent the vacuum bag from leaking?


1,Avoid air leakage from the material.

The main materials of vacuum bags are nylon and polyethylene, and many businesses also use polyester and polyethylene. They can all have the effect of a vacuum. Nylon vacuum bags can keep the vacuum longer, which can reach a year or even longer, but the vacuum bags made of polyester and polyethylene do not have that good storage time and will slowly leak.

2. Solve the problem from the thickness

Nylon has super barrier properties, good air tightness, and good stretching effect, which is not replaced by other materials. And even sharp items with bones, edges and corners can be packed. Only need to increase the thickness a little to solve the problem. Usually the thickness of the vacuum bag is 80um, and it can be increased to 150um if necessary.

Vacuum food bag vacuum rice pouch

3. Increase co-extrusion materials.

In order to keep the vacuum time of nylon packaging bags longer, we recommend that customers use co-extrusion materials, including 3-layer co-extrusion, 7-layer co-extrusion, and 9-layer co-extrusion, combined with nylon film. The vacuum effect is better and longer lasting.

4.Use embossed  vacuum bag

Embossed  vacuum bag is a kind of co-extrusion material, vacuuming is more thorough, and the effect is better.

5. Strictly control the sterilization process

If the sterilization is not complete, the rapid propagation of bacteria inside will also cause the vacuum bag to expand. This situation usually occurs in the use of vacuum packaging of meat products. The inspection method is as follows: Use a vacuum bag to pack an appropriate amount of dried rice, and then place it halfway after vacuuming. Months, if there is no phenomenon of bag expansion, it means that it is caused by the incomplete sterilization in the process of using the vacuum bag. At this time, the sterilization process should be adjusted.