How to choose a baby food puree spout pouch

I have in this field 8 years , Most problems are spout bags ,  today ,I introduce the spout pouches for you . Hope can help you .

 baby food pouch

Many customers thought their products are very good and no food additives. It is best ,I prise for you . Only in this way can food safety be ensured. But here comes the question. Your product needs a good shelf life, usually 6 months or one year.

Here is the details of the spout pouches.


A,   PET+AL+Ny+RCPP , only for Retort sterilization

B,   PET+AL+Ny+PE,  only for Pasteurization

 PET is a outer materials of the flexible PACKAGING BAGS,  only used in the outer  Thickness is 12 micron,

AL in the second materials, thickness is 7 micron for flexible PACKAGING BAGS,

 NY  is Nylon,  very best vacuum effect .it is necessary for a best quality spout pouch .

  PE only used in the inner , PE has good heat-sealability, and is colorless, odorless, and is one of the world’s recognized mouth-safe packaging materials.

RCPP is a kind of CPP material. It is a high temperature resistant material after special treatment. Its advantage is that when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, it will not deform, and it will become stronger under the action of high temperature, but when the temperature is less than 100 degrees Celsius, It will be very brittle in degrees Celsius and will easily rot.

2,The diameter of the nozzle

A,100ml-300ml spout pouches ,the spout use 8.6mm spout ,8.6mm is the diameter .

B,500ml, 1L, 2L use 16mm spout ,16mm is the diameter of the spout .

C, 32mm spout will used in the yellow handle bags .

3, Sterilization method

A, Retort sterilization,  100-121 Celsius degree  for puree spout pouch .

B,Pasteurization ,85-100 Celsius degree.

4, Filling

For liquid food,  We only recommend the machines fill from the nozzle, which are low in price and have no shape restrictions.

 spout pouch


A customer once told me that his product will be sterilized in a sterilizer at 135 degrees Celsius, then let cool, and then put in a bag. After bagging, it will not be sterilized, but his technician told him to use PET+AL+Ny+ RCPP, I told him that his technicians gave him the wrong material structure. After his product was put into the bag, he did not do any sterilization treatment. He only needs to use PET+AL+Ny+PE.

Reminder: If you want to produce baby products, it is better to use 80ml-150ml spout bags.