Packaging bag manufacturers talk about New Year’s delivery

Before the winter of 2021, we all believe that 2020 will be an extraordinary year, affected by the new crown pneumonia, factory shutdowns, student suspensions, many countries have been affected by this, there is no time for industrial production, people around the world still have Great demand, such as demand for food and daily necessities.


Such a large demand has caused a shortage of various materials on the market, food, daily necessities, etc., and these products all need to be packaged. Our shutdown caused these food factories to be unable to produce because they need to use packaging bags to package their products in order to be able to more Good and safer sale.


One month before we started, our orders had been arranged very full. When we started working, our machines kept working, and workers worked overtime every day to meet a little bit of demand.


We are all expecting that the situation in 2021 will be better than that in 2020, but so far, our expert team still keeps us close, let us wear masks, and conduct accounting tests on business trips. It seems that the situation this year is not so good. Not only us, but mutated viruses have appeared in Britain and Britain, and mutated viruses have also appeared in other countries. Let us fall into panic again.


Christmas was originally a very beautiful holiday. According to previous habits, on this day we have to have dinner with friends, go shopping, and have a party in the evening, but this year we all stay at home obediently. To protect their health and to reduce the burden on the country.


Finally, if you need packing bags, please make sure to book in advance, because our New Year is coming soon, the situation this year is not clear yet, I don’t know if there will be a shutdown next year.