Spout Pouches

Use:  This bags are mainly used to package liquids such as juice, beverages, beer, water, jelly, jam, etc. All the bags produced in our factory use food grade materials. The spout pouches are mainly used for packaging liquids. They can not be cooked at high temperature or boiled, but they can be irradiated or UV-sterilized. It can be stored at room temperature after sterilization, and is the best choice for packaging juice, jam and beverage. In addition, they have a significant price advantage. The cost is about one-third that of a glass bottle.


Name: Spout pouch
Raw Materials 2 layers:PET/PE,PA/PE, 3 layers:PET/Al/PE,PET/VMPE/PE, 4 layers:PET/AL/PA/PE,PET/AL/PA/CPP
Certificate FSA, ISO9001, SGS, LFGB
Color Customized
Platemaking 0—10 pieces
Size(Length*Width) Customized
Thickness 60miron—200miron
Samples  Available
OEM Available
MOQ 10000pieces
Payment Terms T/T  30%deposit in advance,balance paid before shipment
Port Qingdao
Delivery Time After received the prepayment,usually the goods will be shipped in 25 days,based on the order quantity and item.
Packaging We use a five-layer corrugated box for packaging, a plastic film bag in the carton, a strap around the carton, and finally wrap the carton with a wrapping film.
After-service Email:mary@baolaifactory.com, Whatsapp:+86-13949099407
The biggest concern for liquid product manufacturers is that the bag leaks, because a product goes through several processes from the factory to the retailer. If the mouth is not pressed firmly or there is a little gap, it will lead to water leakage. This type of bag is equipped with a lid that can be easily poured into the product. It can be used directly in the machine or in the can, can be directly imported from the mouth, or can be poured into the product from the unsealed side of the mouth. You can also tell us directly about your import method, we produce products according to your packaging method. Our products use food grade materials, compound food and medicine packaging management regulations, safety, hygiene, suitable for packaging many products, such as juice, beverages, children's food, jam, etc., these bags are more suitable for transportation than glass bottles and plastic bottles.
Size(ml) Width(mm) Width(inch) Length(mm) Length(inch) Bottom Gusset(mm) Bottom Gusset(inch)
100ml 100 3.93 140 5.51 30 1.18
200ml 110 4.33 170 6.69 70 2.75
350ml 120 4.72 200 7.87 80 3.14
500ml 140 5.51 210 8.26 80 3.14
750ml 160 6.29 230 9.05 90 3.54
1000ml 190 7.48 265 10.43 100 3.93
This is the recommendation of the size and package weight of some of our products. Of. course, we make all kinds of spout pouches.     FAQ  of the Spout Pouches : Q1, What is your MOQ ? A:MOQ will based on the size for custom printing spout pouch bag , 100ml about 100 000 pcs  ,  200ml  about 60000 pcs,  for details will based on the size . Q2: What is the materials? A: For baby food stand up pouch bags,  we suggest two materials solution , Heat filling &  Pausturization  materials:  PET+AL+Ny+PE, Retort pouch materials:  PET+AL+ Ny+RCPP , Ny is nylon Q3: What is the delivery time ? A: Delivery time about 16 working days for custom MOQ,  if more than 1 000 000 pcs ,  delivery time about 30 working days . Q4:Will the bag leak? A:Our bags very strong ,and can stand up a man up to 10L,     bag-in-box can load 100L .  Q5:How is your after service ? A:For quality problem ,we have one year  after service , Q6: How do you pack them ? A:PE bag+ carton+ PP film + Straps +  Pallet,   We pack them very well and pallet them before shipping ,  so that keep the bags safe and clean Q7: How do we fill them? A:For big quantity, Use filling machine is better. after fill them,  the machine can screw the caps .