Stand up Pouch with Spout for milk packaging bags baby food pouch price

Baolai company produce Stand up Pouch with spout  Bags , spout pouch for milk , and Baby Food Pouch   is a Packaging Pouch  Manufacturing factory ,16 years of focusing on flexible packaging design and development, production,sales and after-sales one-stop service, and we always provide very competitive price and quality . 


Baolai with professional production equipment and professional technical personnel, with rich experience in packaging

production and manufacturing, can provide customers with one-stop packaging solutions.

Baolai's Packaging Liquid Retort Pouch is anti-leak ,can pack milk, puree, juice, liquid food ,etc Our Spout pouch for milk with very competitive price  & Baby Food Pouch has exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom,Romania, Spain, and other European countries, and our spout pouches can use the stand up pouch with spout filling machine.   We also provide some suggestion based on your design and your product , such as one of our Spout Pouch for milk  customer do not know what color spout and cap will use for his stand up pouch with spout, when we get his design,  Our sales and design team after comparison and testing many times, we finally provide customers with green spout  and caps. Although this  is just a simple operation, most customers will choose white cap and spout , colored spout or special-shaped spout. We will supply best solution and give you some good idea for your Stand up Pouch with spout Packaging Pouch,especially the details.  So please set your mind in rest if we cooperate ,we are responsible for you and will give you best price .  Is there a difference in the price of different materials of Stand up pouch with spout  Baby Food Packaging Pouch ?   Pasteurization Packaging pouch is cheaper than Retort Packaging  pouch ,  their difference is the inner material,    Retort Stand up pouch with spout will use Retort CPP  ,  the Retort CPP is expensive ,  and the spout and cap also need to use retort CPP .   So retort pouches is more expensive and can retort to 125 ℃.  Pasteurization Packaging pouch can be boiled to under 100 ℃。     Materials of Pasteurization stand up pouch : PET+AL+Ny+PE,     Materials of heat filling stand up pouch : PET+AL+Ny+PE,   Materials of Retort stand up pouch: PET+AL+Ny+RCPP They are all the materials of the Aluminum foil stand up pouch with spout   Retort stand up pouch suitable for up to 100 Celsius degree ,The sterilization container used is a sterilization kettle. and the sterilization time is generally 15-30 minutes. The sterilization time and temperature are determined by the product.   Heat filling & Pasteurization materials suitable for 80-100 Celsius degree .
Name: Stand up Pouch with spout ,baby food packaging pouch ,liquid retort pouch
Materials : PET+AL+Ny+PE,    PET+AL+ Ny +RCPP,   PET+PA+PE     PA  is Nylon
Thickness :130 -220 micron based on the size Color :Any color can be printed Cylinder:Based on the color  Certificate:FDA,  EU,  EC Packing :PE bag+ Carton+ film roll + Straps+PalletSamples:Free samples provided upon your requirements Payment method:T/T ,  Paypal  & Western Union After -service :For quality problem have one year after service  We can produce more than 500,000 Stand up  spout with spout bags Baby Food Pouch & Spout Pouch for milk   every day, so you don’t have to worry about our delivery time. We supply very competitive price for the baby food pouch and Spout Packaging Pouch for milk Retort Liquid Pouch, and before we send them, we will pack them well , PE bag+carton+ PP film +Straps +Pallets,  ensure them safety and clearness .   FAQ: 1. Q:Will  your  bags leakage?     A: NO,  We use strongest materials and will text the quality when producing . 2. Q: Are your bags food grade ?     A: All our bags use food grade materials and have FDA,  EU,  EC certificates . 3, Q :Can you produce retort spout pouch & Pasteurized spout pouch or Heat filling spout pouch      A : Yes, we produce packaging bags since 2005, You can consult us for any more professional questions Retort spout pouch: PET +AL +PA +RCPP, Heat filling & Pasteurized  materials: PET +AL +PA +PE , Transprent spout pouch:  PET +PA +PE , We do not suggest use PET+PE,  is PET +PE  is not enough strong . 4,Q: What  is your MOQ ? MOQ based on the bag size , for 100ml  custom printing spout pouch , MOQ about 120000 pcs,     For 200ml: MOQ  is 60000 pcs,       500ml:  MOQ is 42000 pcs, 1L :33000 pcs.   5,Q: Do you have after service ? A:Yes, We have best quality and best after service , We have been operating honestly and providing the best products and services. We know that only by operating with integrity and doing a good job in products and services can more customers be willing to help us introduce customers and have been cooperating with us.    Contact us now,  you will get a best Stand up Pouch solution and factory price !!!