bag in box

The bag in the box is a liquid bag. Generally, it needs to be installed in a box or in a carton to expose the nozzle. When we need to use it, we only need to open the nozzle switch. Specifications are 1L, 2.5L, 5L, etc. We support all specifications. The size we often make is 26*31cm, 35*55cm

product information

Name: Bag in box
Raw Materials 2 layers: PA/PE, 3 layers: PET/VMPE/PE,PET/AL/PE
Color Customized
Platemaking 0—10 pieces
Size(Length*Width) Customized
Thickness 60miron—200miron
Samples Available
OEM Available
MOQ 10000pieces
Payment Terms T/T  30%deposit in advance, balance paid before shipment
Port Qingdao
Delivery Time After received the prepayment, usually the goods will be shipped in 25 days, based on the order quantity and item.
Packaging We use a five-layer corrugated box for packaging, a plastic film bag in the carton, a strap around the carton, and finally wrap the carton with a wrapping film.
After-service, Whatsapp:+86-13949099407
  FAQ: Q: Will the bag leak? Ans: All the bags we produce have good quality control and after-sales service. We use international advanced technology and production equipment to conduct quality inspections on every batch of exhibits in the market. Please rest assured that quality issues, we will strictly control. Q: How many are our minimum quantity? Ans: If you want to print a pattern, our order quantity is 10,000 pieces. If you don't print the pattern, our order quantity is 5000 pieces. Q: Is this bag easy to rot? Ans: All the bags we produce are made of food-grade new materials. All raw materials are purchased with international standards. The materials have high requirements for toughness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and tear resistance.