Size List of Transparent & Aluminum foil spout pouch retort stand up bag for Yogurt,Puree,milk,seasons ,cosmetic package bags

Here are the sizes of all the spout bags, we can lengthen it in different shapes and sizes. It can be made of aluminum foil and transparent spout pouch for food, liquid , baby food, Puree, Ketchup ,seasons ,  dressing pouch ,cosmetic product ,alcohol ,shampoo, package bag etc.,,In order to make the appearance look better, we will polish the corners to make it more rounded and beautiful.
Item Size Thickness Material Features
30ml 7*11+2.5cm           95-220micron           PET+PA+PE ,  PA  is nylon

Top Spout

Corner Spout


50ml 8*11+2.5cm
100ml 8*12.5+2.5cm
150ml 9*15+3cm
200ml 10*16+3cm
250ml 10*17.5+3cm
300ml 11*18+3.5cm
380ml 12*18+4cm
500ml 14*21+4cm
1000ml 18*25+4.5cm
1500ml 21*28+5cm
2000ml 22*29+5.5cm
2500ml 27*30+6.5cm
5L 34.5*31+8cm
10L 40*41+8.5cm
Remark:1. The product conforms China GB9683-88 food package bag health standard 2. The product conforms American 21CFR 170-199 interrelated provision 3. The product conforms Europe union (EU) No 10/2011 and revise case 4. All raw materials are virgin grade, there is no recycled blends
These sizes have all been tested and are suitable for machine filling. If you are filling by hand, please contact us. We will customize a better shape and size for you according to your product. In addition, we also recommend using nylon in the spout bag. Because nylon has good tensile properties and excellent air tightness, it is especially suitable for food packaging. If your product requires good light resistance, then the best material is PET+AL+PA+PE.

Transparent spout pouch

Transparent spout pouch

Transparent spout pouch

Aluminum   spout pouch

Flat bottom  Spout Pouch

1.5L,  2.5L, 5L,  10L   Spout pouch

Bottle bag Corner spout pouch for cosmetic

Cosmetic spout pouch

Why choose Baolai ? 1,We produce packaging bags since 2005, and now we have 16 years of production experience, so we have absolute confidence in our quality. 2,We use drop-proof materials to ensure that the bag will not rot during transportation. 3,We use nylon in all current bags to minimize the oxygen transmission rate to ensure longer storage time. 4,If you only care about the price but not the quality, please cooperate with others, our quality is the first. The materials we use are tested.

For saving your time to get the price list

1, Tell Baolai’s team how many milliliter bag you want ? 2,Do you want transparent or aluminum spout pouch ? 3,What you will pack ? 4,If you have some special requirements ,please update us ,such as spout diameter , retort or Pasteurization ?

Then we will give you a best solution upon your requirements.

Choose Baolai for customized Spout pouches , Baolai Packaging will give you better solutions and very competitive prices and quality bags .

Size List of Transparent & Aluminum foil spout pouch retort stand up bag for Yogurt,Puree,milk,seasons ,cosmetic package bags Related Video: