The size of 250ml Spout Pouch Liquid food spout packaging bag with suction nozzle

The 250g spout bag is the most commonly used spout bag at present. It is mostly used for packaging juice, milk, jam and other products. When packaging milk and juice, we recommend using aluminum foil spout bags, which can be pasteurized. We produce nozzle bags ranging from 30ml to 5000ml. There are transparent nozzle bags and aluminum foil nozzle bags. Transparent nozzle bags are mostly used for packaging products with a shorter storage time, while aluminum foil nozzle bags are mainly used for packaging longer storage time. All of the products can be sterilized to extend the storage time of liquid food. The spout bag is mainly for the convenience of children and the elderly, and to prevent accidents when they take food. The picture below is a picture of some of the nozzle bags we produce. Their shapes are different and the positions of the nozzles are also different. You can decide which nozzle bag to use according to your preferences. The size of 250ml Spout Pouch  Liquid food spout packaging bag with suction nozzle,17cm*11cm+6cm  for 250ml  spout pouch juice liquid packaging bag
Product name The size of 250ml Spout Pouch  Liquid food spout packaging bag with suction nozzle
Laminated Material Customized(eg:PET//NY/PE; PET/AL/NY/PE; PET/NY/RCPP;etc.)
Logo/dimension/thickness Customized upon your request
Color Customized Up to 10 colors
Design options Spout from 8.5mm to 20mm, with or without handle
Our existed sample Free
Customized samples Charge based on size and quantity
Sample delivery fee Freight collect
Sample time Within 10 days
Production time for official order 20-30 workdays
  The material structure of the standing bag is PET+AL+PA+PE ,  PET+AL+PE,  PET+VMPET+PE,   PET+PE,  PA+PE,Their material combinations are complex and diverse. In fact, you don't need to worry about it. You just need to tell us which products you need to pack, and we will recommend you to use materials that suit you. Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. has 15 years of packaging bag production experience. Our professional level can recommend and quote you size materials within 2 minutes. Our printing machine can print 6000 meters of packaging materials within 20 minutes. We currently have the world’s most advanced 10-color printing presses. We must know that many companies can only print 9 colors. We have three compound machines, 6 curing rooms, and 8 paper bag machines. Not only are our production workshops clean and tidy, but also our certificates are complete. Currently we have FDA, ISO9001, EU, EC and other certificates. At present, our products have been exported to 46 countries around the world. Henan Baolai Packaging Co., Ltd. has exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Poland, and Romania with professional services. Our transportation method can be determined according to the customer's requirements and choices, but sea transportation is always more cost-effective. Air freight is always more expensive. Would you like to experience our professional services? Please tell me what you want to pack and what size or can you tell me how many grams do you want to pack? We will give you more professional knowledge and recommendations.  Contact us now!!!our professional sales and technical team are waiting for you.

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